Thursday, March 28, 2013

Day 28 of the Photo Challenge - Flowers

I wish these beautiful flowers were growing in my garden.

Instead they are blooming on this card I got for Easter from my mother-in-law.

I can always count on my mother-in-law to send us cards for any special occasion...and I grew up in those days when getting something in the mail was really special. This one was particularly pretty and made me think spring. It brightening my day even though the weather is somewhat dull out there. It also makes me feel loved. It is a real blessing to still have a 'mom' when my own went home to glory years ago.


  1. I like cards too. And the other post use fighting God's will anyway! His will be done!

  2. That is a card. It's so sweet that she gave you a card that included "Daughter" on it. You must have some special times together.

  3. I bet you are a bit sluggish from your concussion! That affects your whole being!
    I am boiling eggs right now. My daughter is still asleep, but I am going to put her to work coloring them later. I really didn't feel like doing that tradition this year...but since I saw eggs on sale for 99 cents, I decided to.

    Hot cross buns are a beautiful tradition. I was watching a show on ewtn yesterday with this English lady, joanna bogle, and she was making hot cross it made me want too...although I think I'll just make cinnamon buns and using them as hot cross buns.

    1. I just found a nice carrot cake with ginger recipe that I might try since I have kids coming for supper. Have a happy Easter, Andrea!