Wednesday, April 9, 2014

How Sweet It Is.....

No, I haven't deserted this blog, but life is busy. I've been blessed with two new grandbabes in the last month, our house is dusty with renovations, and I am still homeschooling two teens.

I won't play catch up. I just don't have time and I know I promised pictures but those too can wait.

However, we had some fun this week and I wanted to share. We are in the city now. City folk again, but hey, we have some lovely country in our back yard. A horse farm behind the back fence and in our own yard, some honest to goodness maple trees. So what does a countrified kid like my Patrick do with those? He taps them. Then he curls up in a lawn chair on the back deck and cooks up some yummy syrup for our pancakes. We started with a large pan of sap, but as expected, ended up with about a cup and a half of runny syrup. We chose not to boil it down all the way because that would have left us with nothing. Mmm. Those pancakes were delicious.

Next year we may go bigger and tap all four maples, but this year we just had two spiles so we didn't get too much. Still, a great deal of fun.
Still a little chilly this morning!

Our trusty little Coleman stove and a barbecue tank

Syrup of sorts, little thin but yummy!