Sunday, April 17, 2011

Notes on the Backyard Diner

The backyard is full of birds these days. 

We have a hawk! He (I'm quite sure it is a male by its feather markings) dives down on unsuspecting birds dining at our feeder, and swoops them off their feet. If he has time, he devours them in our yard or otherwise he carries them off in his talons. Someone should have warned him that flying full tilt at a grackle on the feeder, will result in continuing on and hitting the patio door. Nevertheless, he managed to regain his composure and fly off with his prey. I'm not sure if I like him or not. "Just take the grackles, leave the sparrows alone" I warned him. We will see how he behaves! If he frequents our house too much, I will need to stop feeding the birds for a while. We are not a lunch counter. And my 10 year old is not impressed.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Suddenly it is April. The snow is almost gone, the rain lingers almost daily in some form or another, (today it was snow), my onions are sprouting in the root cellar...even in that cold dark corner, they somehow know it is spring. I am aching to get into the gardens and dig. Reminiscent of the sandboxes my parents always provided me with I guess. Today I took my first bike ride of the season and have the sore tail bone to prove it. All in all, it is a busy, messy, noisy, wonderful time of year.

I love it all except for one thing...our friend the robin. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!! (I am convinced that if this robin can be as devious as he is, he can probably read too and is probably aware I have this blog.) He targets our vehicle windows and mirrors every day, and leaves long streaks of....well...POO all down the sides of my daughter's cars and my son's truck and our SUV, whatever happens to be outside. He is not selective. When my husband's music students come, he decorates their vehicles as well. I would shoot him if I was not the nice kind person that I am. Eventually, I hope he finds a girlfriend and leaves us alone. Until then, I have the Windex and a bucket of water handy. Definitely a twitter pated bird!