Friday, July 19, 2013

Summer at Our House...and our Other House

We sold this house last week! To a lovely couple who will love it like we have. It won't have its walls full of kids anymore, but they will make it lovely and give it a well deserved rest.

We bought this house! It needs some work but it is beautiful, good bones as they say.

We went to look at it last week and my husband came up with an offer he was willing to pay. I was upset! They will never take that! But he had done his 'homework' and decided that that was what he would start with. While he met with the owner, I wandered around the house praying. I prayed while I walked through the back yard and around the house, I prayed through the rooms while they chatted in the kitchen. I was just coming down the stairs when I heard my husband make the offer. The man paused for a long moment and then came back with a counter offer that was only....$1,500 more than my husband had suggested. Hubby's face was deadpan but I could almost see his heart leaping out of his chest. He glanced at me and almost lost it. I tried to look nonchalant but my eyes must have gave me away because the man's expression was one of amusement. Then we all shook hands and I got to say how happy I was. God is amazing. We looked at many houses, but He knew just where we need to be.

It has a lovely back yard and is in an older neighborhood. There are woods near by, ball diamonds, a creek not too far away, and horse stables beyond our back yard fence. And it is in town. I will enjoy being able to walk and bike more and drive our poor old clunker car less. It will be more convenient too when the kids and grandkids are in town! I have a fenced back yard! A lovely maple tree for hanging a swing. There are nice flower beds too and overgrown shrubs calling to be trimmed back! I am excited.

Another good thing is that it is half the size of the house in picture A. Which means cheaper heating costs, taxes, etc.

House B does need some fairly heavy renovations but we are up for that. All this needs to be completed over the next month! We will be busy.

We are losing our internet on Saturday (tomorrow) and it will be a few weeks until it gets wired into the new house so don't look for me for a while! Everyone have a wonderful summer.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


God is amazing. Our house sold this past Monday and today we put a low offer in on another one and it was accepted. I guess my summer is planned. All this is happening over the next 6 weeks! Praise God!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


No, I am not showing how photo challenged I am. I have like two minutes to pop in and get rid of the part of my header that says I am mom-in-law to two daughters and a son because now there is an extra son-in-law in there. The wedding was great, more on that later! Welcome to the family, Reuben.

....look for me soon, I promise I will post a nice newsy post, just not today!