Thursday, March 24, 2011

Of Coming Spring and Other Things

On a bright cool afternoon, I put together some little aprons for my granddaughters. It was a fun and easy project that turned out rather well!

Walmart sells some amazing little bundles of fabric so with an little imagination you can accomplish lots!

Our apple trees are certainly enjoying the added hours of sunshine...

...and so are the kids who wear these boots. Lots of mud holes in the neighborhood.

Some of our feathered friends wish it would warm up though.
I am already busy with spring cleaning, washing curtains, wiping down walls, airing bedding...the things I remember my mother doing in the spring. I can remember how she opened all the windows and hung all our blankets on the line. I remember her standing by the ironing board while she ironed several beds worth of sheets.

I am so thankful God gave us the seasons to enjoy. Happy Spring.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ahh, the wind.

North wind brings the cold,
West wind melts the snow,
East wind brings the rain,
South wind makes it warm you know.

This Snow Will Go!

Sunshine and a trail that calls us to explore.

Oh joy! A mud hole!

Is this for dirt bikes? It might not be too safe!

Think we'll stop right here.

Rather delapidated but once much enjoyed I'm sure...

And no, Patrick. You may not go inside.

Beautiful blue skies....

...and tired guys.
We went for a walk through the snowy woods near our home today. The white stuff was still firm enough to walk on top of...mostly. I did get a very wet foot once and so did Robby. Patrick however, floated across the top, light as a feather. We wandered through some tree fringed patches where the shadows danced across the snow and the wind was still winter cold. Then we broke out into a sun lit clearing where it was warm and very still. These woods also have some interesting wooden structures that someone must have built a while ago, because they are suffering from quite a bit of decay. We play on them with caution! All in all it was a great walk and probably one of the last winter ones since the warm weather is coming and the snow won't last long.