Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Comes....

Our manger scene

Every year, the same brown box is taken down off the shelf. Every year the same little figurines are lined up on the roll top desk. We know where each one goes. Our fingers are still smelling of citrus from the oranges we ate to empty the wooden orange crate we use as our stable. Its not hard to polish off 15 or so of those little tangerines between us. We do it every December. Patrick fetches straw from the rabbit shed to line the box.
Babe in a manger
The doily was not meant to stay but we forgot to take it away. Not the kind of finery that you'd have found in the stable, but the 12 year old likes it so I'll leave it there.
...and I finally picked up a store bought star.
I like it. I've wanted one for years. I loved the tin foil ones we made, the crude wooden ones we built, but this is a nice change.
Our tree

I know we don't know the exact date our Savior was born. I know the decorations we put up don't reflect the magnitude of what He did for us. But I like Christmas for what it adds to our family. Let me list a few.

1. It gives us a reason to reflect on how marvelous it was that God sent His Son to Earth.
2. It gives me an obvious chance to openly share with friends and family about my faith.
3. It allows me to spend some special time baking and crafting with my kids.
4. It lets us establish traditions that draw our family closer together.
5. It humbles me.
6. It is an opportunity to sing the carols that proclaim Christ's birth.
7. It draws us together in the evenings to sit in the coziness of decorations and movies to just bond with each other.
8. It allows me to pass on the blessing of good food and parental love to my husband and kids.
9. It makes me happy and happy is always a good thing.

If I don't get back before December 25, Merry Christmas to all, friends, family, neighbors and people in blog land. God's Blessings this joyous season.