Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Bible Review

It is always nice to get something in the mail. I just received a new Bible from B&H publishing. It is from Holman Publishers in Nashville Tennessee, New King James Version and large print. My reason for ordering it was because I wanted it for my 13 year old son, Patrick. He likes to follow along in church and did not have this version. He really likes the large print for finding things easily. The cover is good quality and the pages are thick enough to turn without effort. I am so pleased with it, I wish I had ordered it for myself.

We have added on three new grandbabies this spring. Two little girls and a little boy. So exciting. Our renovations are coming along nicely and the garden is in!  So are the flower beds. God is amazing. Every spring the earth renews its beauty according to His plan. I have lilacs in my back yard and the trees are so green and full. Beautiful. Grass is growing and the birds have all returned. Fall is my favorite time of year but after the long winter we had this year, spring is almost just as good! Happy Springtime everyone! Quick before summer arrives!