Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Day 12 Photo Challenge-A Sunset

It was dull and grey most of the day, but as evening approached, the clouds parted in the west and the sun peeked through. I was cooking supper and listening to the shouts of children outside soaking in the longer hours of daylight. I stood for a moment and looked at the sky. I am glad spring lies close on the horizon. I have missed the sun these long winter months and I am ready for a change from the gray hues of February and March.

This sunset was a brief promise of things to come. Soon we will sit in lawn chairs and swat the bugs as the sun settles slowly in the evening sky. For now, I will stand in the warmth of my kitchen and enjoy it from the window.


  1. Awww, booo! I think I missed it here!! Really nice photo though!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Great job! I like the verse you put in the corner. Yeah for summer and warmth around the corner.

  3. Beautiful, mom! I love all the intricate detail in the branches.

  4. True...the branches look whispy! I can't wait until being warm enough to sit outside (and complain about the heat..ha).

    I wish I could serve you cake too! My countertops are older then my cabinets..they just don't wear out! Yes, I would like to have them clear without appliances sitting on them, but it isn't practical if you need to get the appliances and use them!

    Well, continue on enjoying the warmth of the indoors!

  5. What a beautiful sunset! I can almost imagine myself sitting underneath its warmth.