Monday, March 11, 2013

Day 11 Something Blue

When September hits with all its glorious golds and browns and oranges, my fireplace mantel gets to be decorated in all the warm fall splendor. For three months we gaze on little pumpkins, Happy Thanksgivings and fall leaves.

By early December, I box away the fall things and for a couple of months the Christmas decorations rule. They are red and gold and beautiful and set a lovely festive tone.

But ahhh, then comes February and when all is gray and dull, I get out a special box with items wrapped in tissue and for the next 7 months we get to enjoy various arrangements of my favorite 'mantel wear', my blue green glass. Most of the pieces are nothing fancy but they are special because they brighten the room and do my heart good.

For now they are complimented by winter branches, but soon it will be pussy willows, apple blossoms or lily of the valley. In the summer they will display graceful Queen Anne's lace and brilliant golden rod, and just before I retire them for fall, they will hold pungent spicy purple asters.


  1. Lovely! And nice job on that first photo!!! I do enjoy your mantel!!

  2. Wow..Holland to Canada (previous post)! Nice ladle! Blue is very nice here! Back to cold don't feel like I have it too nice. Plus, it is not too thrilling being outside until the leaves come on the trees...just not pretty!

  3. I love the blue glass bottles and jars you put on your mantle. I took a picture of them when I came to visit last spring and sometimes use it for a background on my cell phone. :)