Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It's Almost Here!

We are counting down the days 'til Christmas. The manger scene is up, the trees are decorated, home made luminaries grace our front step. Today we made dozens of paper snowflakes to adorn our front windows. The grass however is still green in places, and I often go out for the mail in bare feet. I have mixed emotions. I like that I am not out shoveling and that it is not too cold for my morning walks. I miss the white stuff though. It really adds to the festive feel.

One thing doesn't change though. I love to read the Bible stories with my boys and talk about how wonderful it was that Jesus came as a tiny baby to that long ago stable in Bethlehem. I know, I know....we need to keep Christmas in our hearts year round. That baby should be our daily focus. However, with all the talk of Holiday trees, and Season's greetings, I think it has been good for us as Christians to be able to put a special focus on this birth one day a year even if no one knows when the actual day was. It has heightened our urge to share this wonderful gift God gave us, it has been an opportunity to share the gospel message over and over.....I think it will be sadly missed when it sinks into the mire of holidays that have nothing to do with the birth of that special Child. I will miss Christmas all around us when the political powers that be, wipe it out. Did you buy a 'Holiday' tree instead of a Christmas tree? Did you wish the people at work, "Best of the Season"? Are you listening to the songs of the season pumping out on the radio and realizing they have nothing to do with Christ? I will celebrate His birth as long as I have breath to do so, and I am not ashamed to wish you a Merry CHRISTMAS.

A little candle light makes for a very cozy home.
Nativity made by 3 year old hands 25 years ago. Christmas village. It was invaded by those plastic 'Homies" from gum ball machines, years ago and every year they return.
Home made luminaries! Lovely, lighting the way up our front step.


  1. Beautiful blog. I really liked the wisdom of your comments about celebrating Christmas in another blog. I haven't had time yet to read all those comments, but I just read yours. love,andrea

  2. Thanks, Andrea. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  3. I just thanked you on my blog...but I wanted to just noticed you were married 32 me /us....and we have 4 sons, 2 daughters. So that is almost close to your 5, although knowing how it is to raise extra boy keeps things a bit more exciting..!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog and giving me encouragement! I will need it I am sure at some point!
    ps. we are a book family too :)

  5. Andrea, that extra boy is a handful but such a wonderful addition to our family! At 11, he is still a lap sitter, and a hug giver, but lingering on the brink of little boy hood.

    @Alex, too bad you weren't here. I am cleaning out a stack of books today to make room for all the new second hand ones and new ones I found for Christmas!