Thursday, December 1, 2011

Decently December

Ahh, change. A new entrance to our local waste station. I love things that stay the same. I want the same old traditions and patterns and I want to drive in the same old driveway when I go to the dump!!!
December is kind this year. It came in with a cold crisp day but beautiful sunshine. I wandered outside today to escape the closeness of the house and reveled in the fact that it is December but my petunias are still in bloom along the west wall of the house, and the grass is still lush and green where my dryer vents. Winter will be short this year...not that I dislike winter, but a little is nicer than a lot.

My desk top timer tells me it is only 23 days, 2 hours, 56 minutes, and 28 seconds to Christmas. There was so much I planned to do. I love crafts and the kiddos that make them, but everyone is getting older and the interest has waned a little, thank goodness for two little granddaughters that came for cookies and to help Granny set up my Christmas village. God knows I am a mama that loves babies and this two and four year old fill up what would otherwise be a big gap.

A late night visitor that chomped down on the mouse block in the attic, I'm thinking. He came out obligingly and died where I could see him. His relatives were not so kind. It kinda smells around here.
Soon I will post the pics of our decorating efforts, but for now I am getting my house in order and trying to slow down and focus on the reason we celebrate Christmas in the first place. Bible in hand, I am heading off to bed with a cup of tea. Get your devotions done ladies! It ties everything together.

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