Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Last of the Christmas candles
Last night, I burned the last of the Christmas candles. They were orangey-red and smelled like cloves and ginger. I pried its stubby self out of the fire place candle holder and put it on my kitchen stove while I cleaned up after dinner.

Christmas has gone fast this year, faster than any other...and it was a rather strange one. Our house is for sale so I didn't go all out this year. Our children are mostly grown too, so Christmas looks and feels different. Our daughter-in-law Kaitlin graciously offered to put on Christmas dinner (and what a marvelous dinner it was) so that was a very pleasant change, but we ended that evening on a somewhat awkward note, since one of our sons ended up going to hospital by ambulance for chest pains. He was okay in the end, still....a bit unnerving.

On January 2, the tree came down..and the snowflakes...and everything else 'Christmas".
And so on to a new year! Lamentations 3:22-23 comes to mind. "The Lord's loving kindnesses indeed never cease for His compassions never fail, They are new every morning. Great is His faithfulness." I am so glad that the God who has been there all through my life is still there, still caring, entering this new year with me, knows what 2012 holds for me and will guide me through it.

What does this year hold? I am down to 2 children in my homeschooling.  We are being blessed with another grandchild in the early summer. Our house is for sale. I want to downsize considerably. Looks like a wedding might be on the horizon...again, but last year it was a daughter so this son will require less work. ;) We will be married 32 years next month. Lots going on.

As every year, I long to grow in my relationship with Jesus Christ. And I do...looking back, I can see where He has changed me, strengthened me, grew me, in 2011. But I want never ends. The closer I get to Him, the more I want. And I want to see it in my children and our family life.

My new years resolutions? I resolve to spend more time reading my Bible, more time praying for my loved ones and those around me, and more time reaching out.

Hope your 2012 is great too and hope it is a year of growth and change! Blessings, Anita

A summer friend who stayed too long. (Picture by Patrick)
New calendar. Oh the possibilities!


  1. Nice, I think this is one of your best posts! :) Glad you enjoyed the dinner, even with the bad after dinner 'entertainment'! ♥ God bless you in this year - more then ever! ;)

  2. Yay. You got your comment to post, Kait. Happy new year and blessings to you too.

  3. The tree and snowflakes are pretty! I always wanted to move...I am always looking at haven't yet...maybe when my husband retires....we have an upcoming wedding too (a son) and we did Christmas at my daughter's which we weren't all comfy with, but was like a day off for me! Bible and prayer...very good. I think a mother's prayer has many times saved the children from all sorts of things! love,andrea

  4. Andrea, we have moved 17 times in 32 years so nothing new. We have been in this house 5.5 years.
    A smaller house would be good. It is good to pray for our children. When my mother died, I missed hearing her say she was praying for me. Have a wonderful 2012! Love, Anita

  5. Love that Lamentations verse, love this post, and I love you mom!

  6. Thanks, Steph. We miss you around here every now and to see more of your writing on your blog too!

  7. Yes, hoping to do a post tomorrow...just off to work in a bit now.