Thursday, February 3, 2011

Canadian Winter, Eh?

Yesterday was cold...and snowy! We had to get the snow blower out several times and the wind threatened to sweep us off our feet. Our bunny was burrowed in a mound of hay and refused to come out. The wind chimes almost blew out of the tree. There were swirly drifts as high as Patrick's head by the back of the house.

A bit of color in a gray world.

Brrrr. If you don't dress warm around here, you pay the price!
This is Canada and it is winter. We should expect it, even welcome it. Its why we live here, right? We don't get up and say, "I wonder if we need to wear shorts or jeans today." We say, "Long johns or not?" We stock up on road salt, we collect mittens, we keep extra canned goods in our cupboards, just in case. We check the weather network faithfully. Every morning we get up and look out the window to see if it snowed in the night. And we complain. Its what we do. But we love it just the same.

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