Monday, January 24, 2011

Baby, its cold outside!

My husband and I stayed up to watch a movie last night...late. It was cold and we were cozy, eating cereal on the couch. Suddenly the whole place went dark. No TV either, so no movie ending. First thought..oh no, the power is out and the sump pump is going to need help. Hubby rushed out to the garage and got the generator going. It is a small one but does the job. Then we lit candles and got the gas stove going downstairs, put extra blankets on the boys, and got ourselves to bed. I lay in the dark and prayed for every one that was experiencing the same thing we were. Thank goodness, somewhere in the dark some hydro people left their warm beds and worked through the night so we could wake up to heat this morning. We are, as fellow homeschool mom Alyson reminded folks in her blog, so blessed to have the luxuries we do.

The day remained cold but this evening, I stood by our back door and looked out at this.

Beautiful. A ball of golden fire in a cold gray blue sky that somehow reminded me that spring will come. In the meantime I am going to enjoy the family closeness that winter brings and keep nourishing those apple seedlings in my window sill.

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  1. Hey Mom, found your blog again and have just been catching up on posts...I love your writing and the pictures are beautiful. Keep it up!