Friday, February 11, 2011

February's Fickle Weather

Each year there are more mourning doves in our yard. I always leave some seed on the patio for them.

Gotta love these bright blue skies!
I love the sunny days in February. My house plants and those little apple seedlings just soak it up and reward me by getting taller and greener every day. My boys love the sun too. They have dug a lovely maze of snow trails through my yard and usually play quite nicely. Today however, I saw them standing in a snow drift with angry faces. I cracked open the patio door to hear them. They were arguing about who owned the most property in their "village". It was soon resolved but the bad moods lingered. Guess early bed would be good for tonight. They are longing, I think, for warmer weather and their favorite swimming hole. Me too! February is fickle. She tempts us with bright days and then dumps piles of snow on us. We go to bed in anticipation of warmer weather and wake to brutal cold. Sleeting rain and blustery winds give way to quiet blue days that promise spring. Soon it will come. Under the snow, much is going on! Every year it is the same! And I like it like that. I am glad God has put me here in Ontario. The seasons are a wonder.

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