Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I always love a festive table. And red makes me feel happy, especially with all the candle shine.

These people around the table make me feel even happier!

Sorry this is sideways! Blame blogger :)

Grandbabies make the season a lot more exciting...just ask Grandpa

And they seem to really enjoy him as well.
Our Christmas was busy and fun, full of family, food and board games. When there are this many people living in one house, there is always someone to hang out with. Our daughter's boyfriend decided to stay for the week, and Tim brought friends home to play video games in the living room. I love the busyness but I also look forward to January and the calm quiet days of homeschooling our two youngest boys. All in all, I think I am a creature of habit. I do love routine!

It was good to focus a little harder on the birth of our Lord and Saviour. Patrick did a very good job of reading all of us the Christmas story from Luke 2.  We had lovely communion on Christmas Eve and such heartfelt prayer at the Christmas table.

Let's keep the Christmas spirit strong as we head into the new year!

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