Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas To Everyone!

Lunch time already and I have a million things to do to prepare for this evening. We always have lasagna on Christmas Eve and celebrate communion as a family. Then we top it off with a birthday cake for Jesus and read Luke 2. I love the coziness of evening and the warm glow of candles on the table and tree lights in the room. When all my chicks are grown and gone, I will remember fondly all the little faces around the table and the closeness that is so much a part of Christmas. I hope they will remember too and that our traditions will carry on for generations.

Savor each moment and each face at your table. The years go by so quickly and life is so full of changes. Say the things that are on your heart, mend the bridges, lavish the love. Delight in every voice and every glance. And when they speak about you in years to come, let them remember that your focus was on Christ first of all and that you truly promoted the real reason we celebrate Christmas.

Christmas goodies always attract mid-day snacking!

Thank goodness the chicken pox cleared up before the festivities started.

Warm glow of candles.

And my hubby's unique wrapping style.

These boys didn't turn down some pre-Christmas licorice.

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