Friday, November 19, 2010

Cold Vs Cold

I'm still fighting a cold. One of those colds where you wake up in the morning and cough for the next hour or two to make up for not coughing during the night. It has kept me from my early morning walks which means my whole day has a different slant to it. This morning I decided enough was enough. Although I couldn't take a brisk walk up the road, I could at least wander our acre for a little while. It was cold! I haven't really been out all week and this was one of the coldest mornings so far this year. But I love it! I drew a heart in the frost on our truck as I walked by and yes, I licked the ice off my fingers.

I am not seven years old, waiting for the bus outside my parent's house but I felt much the way I did then, exhilarated by the cold, loving the stillness. And when I came inside I felt better. It was a case of cold versus cold and in the end the cold outside won! I feel better! On with my day!


  1. Way to go, out there in the cold! I really liked your piture of the heart on the window! I can relate to your bus waiting memories - totally! :)

  2. Thanks, Kait. This blogging is a fun medium!