Monday, October 6, 2014

Day 5 People

When I think of people I enjoy, these two are right up there in the top part of my list. These ladies are both very active for their ages (which I won't share). One of their favorite activities is to go for a Sub at Subway on Saturdays and then visit all the open houses they can squeeze into the remainder of the day. I think all the local agents know them by name. Often when we are out driving, my mother-in-law (the one on the right) says, "I was in that house."

They have a real zest for life and have lived in the same city so long, they know everything about everybody. They carry a great deal of history on the past and still avidly keep up on the present.

I am blessed to know them.


  1. They are some pretty spunky ladies!! I imagine Stacey and I following their Saturday example when we are older! ;)

  2. I saw them going into my next door neighbor's house for an open house a few weeks ago! I had a good laugh. :)