Saturday, March 9, 2013

Day 9 Someone I Love

I had to post an old picture for this one since this person is no longer here with us. I love her though and I know someday I will see her again.

She probably influenced me more than any other person I've ever known. I think of her every day. If you look at the family resemblance you will probably figure out that she's my mom.

I posted this because this is one of the people I love the most, but I also chose to post an old picture because how do I choose who else to post pictures of? There are so many. I have wonderful siblings that I could post pictures of. I have a great mother in law and other inlaws.  I could post a picture of my husband or any of my seven children. I could post pictures of my children in law or our new son-in-law to be. I have beautiful grandchildren and one arriving soon. I have neighbors and friends....such a long list. I am blessed!


  1. Lovely Anita! Your mom was such a beautiful and Godly woman! I miss her too. I know what you are saying - I'm not sure what I'm doing for today yet.....

    1. Ooo, love the background!! Very Springy! Very you!! :D

  2. I see the resemblance! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Kaitlin, I was messing with it. Stay tuned as I perfect it ;)