Friday, March 15, 2013

Day 16...Long Exposure

We are talking long here, people! Not just the exposure on my photos, but the exposure to the constant sound of trucks reving up their engines, cars idling, horns beeping. There was an accident on a major highway near us today, a huge pile up, and traffic was rerouted past our house. It has been going on since before supper last night and it is still going on this morning. (The 16th).

I am not annoyed, I simply feel bad for all the people involved, those in the vehicles slowly crawling past our house, those sitting in cars at the scene that couldn't go anywhere for hours, those injured in the pile up.

I stood on my step a while and prayed for them all. Not a nice way to end March break. I imagine a lot of vehicles had tired, impatient children in them.

A Transport

a long row of cars


  1. Nice pics ... too bad for the people. I'm still trying to figure out what to take for my picture today. I know what you mean about the sound of cars. Before I moved, I was right by the only traffic light in our little town and it was very noisy (especially when it had rained and all the trucks had squeaky brakes).

  2. Sad story! :( But I did hear there were no praise God on that!!! Good pictures - good thinking to get out and take those.

  3. You really got me thinking of I put a link on my latest post, today on the 1959 movie, The Mating Game. Bartering is a really neat idea!