Monday, February 6, 2012

Yesterday I Saw The Sun!

Sun through the trees    
At the beginning of our walk.
Patrick loves the sun but found the wind a little cool.
And this beauty. Lichen under a microscope.

We went for a walk yesterday. It was too pretty to stay inside. The sun was out, although only in brief snatches of light here and there. I am tired of the gray. I want more sun, more blue sky, and some green, please! Everything to its own season, however. 

In homeschool, we are charting the weather on a lovely new *bird* calendar we purchased. Everyday we write down the cloud formations, temperature, bird sightings, and any other trivia we can come up with. Great fun, and a reason to look outside every morning, first thing. We are thankful for each day God gives us.

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  1. Such pretty pictures! We were noticing the sun yesterday too! We were driving to my son's and the woods off the highway looked so bleak and boring...and then the sun came out and changed everything! And we commented on that. I should study cloud formations. I always thought...I can't afford a beach-front home, but we all have
    sky-topped homes! And the birds...they are what keep me happy in the winter. love,andrea