Saturday, January 14, 2012

Snow, Snow, Beautiful (treachorous) Snow

And so winter came, first freezing rain for a day, and then snow; white fluffy snow that over burdened the already ice laden landscape. It was beautiful, but dangerous too. Many in our area were without power. Fire trucks and police cars occasionally screamed through the whiteness, generators hummed all over our neighborhood. Our kids played out for a while but the 'gunshot' sounds of tree branches snapping, made me call them close to home. Once inside, we were cozy, the portable heater going and the gas stove in the basement chugging away.

 In Job 38:22 God asks Job,"Have you entered the store houses of the snow, or have you seen the storehouses of the hail?" Nice to know that God is in control, even when the weather seems chaotic!

All in all, it was beautiful. Words can't describe it as good as pictures, so enjoy.
Inside, looking out through ice.


And more ice...

And some people that really enjoyed the whole thing...

Trees in our woods.

And beyond our side yard.


  1. Hi anita! beautiful snow/ice! Yes, dangerous. But beautiful!! We have a generator and so far haven't had to use it (for the last few years). Your side yard picture looks like a painting. I can imagine the excitement of your kids! love,andrea

  2. Hi mom, wow, it looks like you got more "weather" than Ottawa! The snow covered trees in the picture with Rob are breathtaking...which I could have been there with my camera to get some shots!

    (Just a little winter camera tip that I recently found out - before you take your camera in from the cold, you should wrap it in a plastic bag and let it stay inside the bag for an hour or so. This prevents condensation from forming inside the camera.)