Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall Harvest Feasting....Mmmmm.I love

I love this time of year and the delicious food it inspires. On one of the first really cold days, I put together a pot of chilli, and yes, I used a few of those left over garden tomatoes that were still clinging to the vine. It was so tasty with a side of homemade bread.

These beauties were on sale at the local grocery store and we ate apple crisp, apple sauce and just plain ole' apples. Yum.

Two apple crisps ready to go!

Top it all off with a cold October sky in all its loveliness, and you can see why I love fall.

This is a picture our preteen took from high atop the neighbor's pine tree. Made my heart skip a beat. Ahh well, not many years ago, I would have been up there myself. I almost went up with him but thought the better of it.

God blesses us daily, but often just in the ordinary days of life. He is there as we do the same old same old, day in, day out. But here in blog land, we tend to extract more out of the ordinary than we do in our own homes. Lets point these little joys and blessings out to our families too. We are truly in the palm of His hand!


  1. It's true, there is so much beauty even in ordinary things...especially if we take the time to notice. I love your fall pictures - it's hard to believe we'll be talking winter and Christmas very soon!

  2. I love that cloud picture - just gorgeous! It is amazing that our God is so complex and creative. It is shown across the great expansion of the universe and in the dew on a leaf. Enjoying the little things as well is the big is what worshipping God is all about! :)