Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wings In a September Sky

Jon, our 23 year old decided Sunday was a good day to test his paraglider wing at the beach.

We couldn't have hoped for a nicer day.

He left the motor at home but practiced a lot of control.

As I watched this large wing pull my son across the sand, I wondered how concerned I will be when I actually see him strap on his motor and sail into the sky. Flying has never been something that excites me too much...and the broken props he has dragged home from a couple of botched attempts haven't helped set me at ease. Ahh well. He is young and fearless...and his life is in the hands of One far greater than I.

That said, we had a lovely day at the beach with several of our children and some friends. Picnic lunches, sand and sun are usually a great combination. And so goodbye to summer and hello to Fall and all it's possibilities. Look for fall decoration pics soon!

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous photos - I love the brightness of the sky and the parachute combined. Jon definitely has the monopoly on activities that produce mom-anxiety, doesn't he? :)

    Looking forward to your fall-decor pics...