Monday, May 16, 2011

Of Rain and Wedding Bells

Its all in the details they say. 
Our lives have taken a new turn in the past year. We have gained a new face in our family, just visiting for now, but soon to become a permanent son. Our daughter, Stephanie, brought home an Italian friend last fall who soon became a boyfriend, and not long after, a fiancee. Looks like July 23 will be wonderful and busy around here. Most weekends the talk of invitations, wedding dress, halls, churches, and attendants has filled our hours. Everything is falling nicely into place, God is in the details. It is amazing to watch how easily things are being worked out. Yay!

...and it is spring! My flower beds are a sea of color, Solomon's Seal, violets, Bleeding Heart, Iris, daffodils, narcissus, all beautiful....all hanging down their soaking wet heads. Seems the rain will never stop. The grass is growing at a wild pace and the garden is a mud puddle. As soon as I see some sun, I need to get those gladiola bulbs in the ground. I would do it in the rain, but it is so cold. Here is hoping we soon get some sun!

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