Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Day 15 A Mess

I was tired last night and it was late. We ate spaggetti earlier and I did most of the dishes but left some pots in the sink. At somewhere around midnight, the boys decided they wanted cake. They are usually in bed by then but this seemed like a good idea at the time. So I baked a cake....and did the unthinkable. I LEFT MY DISHES IN THE SINK OVERNIGHT! This morning I looked at the Photo Challenge for today and then went downstairs. I think this qualifies as a mess. I'd better go stick my hands in this murky water and fish out the silver ware and icing tools and ....well, you get the picture.


  1. This's creative...and slightly disturbing! ;) lol!!!

  2. The frog, obviously, is shocked and disappointed in you...

    And aren't you a nice mama to bake cake for your teenage boys at midnight! :)

  3. You are better than I. I wouldn't be baking at midnight. And I certainly understand leaving the dishes for the morning.