Thursday, August 1, 2013

Probably Crazy!

I am probably crazy to add one more thing to my life this month. With all that is going on in August I still decided to try my hand at Kaitlin's photo challenge which you can find here!  Today's challenge is "hands" and I have held a lot of little hands over the years. I no longer have little hands to hold at my house unless the grandkids are visiting, but I do have some long fingered boys here who 'willingly ???' allowed me to take a picture just before they went off to bed tonight.

God made each of us with amazing detail right down to the hands that are able to do so much. There are some pretty amazing muscles and tendons, and a lot of veins that make up these unique apendages! I am excited to think what great changes these 4 hands will make in the world as these young men grow up and meet life's challenges!


  1. Nice! I'm glad you're joining in - even amongst all of your other business!

  2. oh and don't forget to come link up on my page each day! ;) (just one more thing for you to do! Wouldn't want you to get board! lol!!)