Saturday, April 6, 2013

Words On A Lovely Day....

Just words today. The sky is so blue. We had two house showings scheduled today. One was this morning and went well. The other is this afternoon. In between we drove to the local farm machinery store and ate some of their free sausages and ambled lazily through the farm equipment.

It is one of those days. Our house is spotless, there isn't much to do and I am enjoying the 'leisurely'. No, everything is not necessarily rosy today, but I can put troubles on the back burner and just enjoy today for what it is. Isn't that what joyous living is about?

If you look here,( will be reminded that JOY is a word I've claimed for myself. I believe God wants us to be joyous and tells us that in His Word. Here's hoping you feel joyful today! Love, Anita


  1. Love you mom, and your determination to find joy in all circumstances. The sky WAS a gorgeous blue today, wasn't it!

  2. Being joyful is something that doesn't come naturally to me, so I always must work towards this goal.

    "Leisure" days are nice. Enjoy yours while it lasts. :)


  3. You had a nice day! Joy is so little-used these days! I will have to try to let your example help me!

    We had our house up for sale once, almost a decade ago. It sold in 3 days and we were unprepared and couldn't find a house for ourselves that we liked and were able to pull it off the market (only because our buyer did not sign the correct contract...we signed different copies and our lawyer said there was no contract). We were worried we'd be homeless it was a time where there weren't many homes on the market.

    Anyway, we always wanted to move..and never have, yet! Maybe when my husband retires. I can imagine life is "on-hold" when you have to have your house neat each day and you wouldn't want to put any more money into the house!

    Our homes have gone down 25% since last year. tsk!

  4. I agree ~ the Lord wants us to be joyful. If we know Him, we have His peace and joy within us, even through the tough times, because He's always there. :-)

    I like farm stores in the spring because they always do free cookouts to promote haying equipment. :-) We just visited one that was doing free burgers. LOL

    Enjoy your day!