Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April Showers...You Know The Rest

God must like clouds. He uses them for some of His best artwork. He chose to dwell in one when He led His people through the wilderness. His Son ascended in them and will return in the same manner. He uses them to water the earth and provide shade.
We were out for a drive the other day, the boys and me. My 14 year old had the camera and he caught some beautiful photos for me to share with you. Such variation, all on the same day. When we stopped for a short hike, the sky was a gorgeous blue with those white fluffy 'sheep' clouds. As we came back, thunderheads were starting to form and the sky had darkened a bit, but no worries, we drove out of range of the rain clouds and parked at a place where we could see blue sky overhead. However, soon the clouds found us again and we experienced a gentle rain. 

Its April though. We shouldn't expect less. After all, April showers bring May flowers.


  1. Yes and soon it will be May....
    I like the sky/clouds. No one can say they own we can always look up to the heavens and feel like God is in charge!

  2. What do April snowstorms bring? lol

  3. Hi Anita. That is interesting about the lactose intolerance. I bet alot of our modern problems have to do with mass production!

    It is better to not rush planting. I read once, that it is hard on plants to go through the cold nights, so best to wait. My husband heard that April (and maybe march) was the coldest on the record for the U.S. This is the latest I ever planted. the collard greens are from the fall though...our winter was long and drawn-out, but not frigid.

    Well, off to Monday!

  4. Hi Anita. It is a little cooler here today. I wonder if the summer will be warm or what!
    I just heard that our temps are below average still for spring.

    I hope we all get some lazy hazy summer days soon!

  5. I think your and my family are rare for all the milk drinking these days! I just feel milk is so important.

    That is an exciting time when the college kid comes home for the summer! Although I get disappointed if they bring home bags of laundry..ha.
    My 18 year old just got a job at mcdonalds for the summer. thanks to a friend who already works there. She's been applying everywhere for summer jobs for the last 3 years and never got calls! I am the one who always drives my kids to jobs.