Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Day 5 From a High Angle!

So I am 5'10 1/2 and looking down at my toes would be high if you were only, say, 4'11. I wanted to take a picture of railroad tracks below the overpass in Brockville, but hey, this is good too.

When I was just a bit younger these feet ran across rail fences like they were a sidewalk and climbed the tallest trees. They biked for miles around the country side. They carried me swiftly where ever I wanted to go. Lately I notice they are not quite so agile. I know that as I grow older their pace will slow. However, there is a verse in Scripture that talks about feet, which I like. 

Psalm 18:33 reads, 'He makes my feet like hinds' feet, And sets me upon my high places.'It is a comfort to know that while my fleshly feet will someday stumble and become weak, my spiritual feet will remain strong and God will continue to set me on high places as I walk in His way.


  1. Haha - I had to laugh because I told Dave (he's doing this too, just he hasnt' posted anything - I might put them on Facebook for him) that all he has to do is stand there and take a picture and it would be from a high place! Ha! So I'm happy to see you doing just that! ;) Great minds think alike!! ;) Then when I told him tomorrow is "From a Low Angle" he was quick to say, "All you have to do is stand there and take a pic!" :P hahah! Nice scripture verse! :)

  2. :) Perspective is everything.