Sunday, March 24, 2013

Day 24 of the Photo Challenge - Animal

Animals are not hard to find around here. The last three nights Patrick has captured a rabbit in his live trap. It apparently doesn't mind because when we set it free, it waits around to see if there is any more food. Coyotes slink through the back yard in the late evening on their way to who knows where. Turkeys (birds, not animals but still...) come to the bird feeder most mornings around 9:00 am. They seem to have a route plotted through our neighborhood. And squirrels? Too many to count, but we don't see too many chipmunks in the winter. However, Patrick found one this morning and it willingly ran down the drainpipe and into a pillow case. He caught it several times and then brought it inside to visit me. So here is my animal picture for today, courtesy of my 12 year old son.

First in the bag, then hanging out in our old aquarium but no worries, he is running around the back yard looking for seed again and also climbing back up the drainpipe.

Taking these pictures reminds me of what a wonderful God we serve and how diverse His creation is. Happy Sunday! Make yourself a tea and spend some extra time in the Scriptures today. It will lift you up!


  1. Leave it to Patrick to find you your animal for today! ;) Neat first picture there!

  2. sounds like Patrick has a trained wild rabbit! I love chipmunks...they are so cute (and fast!). I've never had any in my yard here. I grew up seeing them alot in the woods above my house, though. I prefer chipmunks to squirrels!

  3. Go Patrick! Soon he will be bringing in snakes and frogs. How he loves the wild animals. :)