Saturday, March 2, 2013

30 Days of Photos...I Hope

My daughter-in-law over at is holding a 30 day photo challenge. She knows me pretty well, so like me, I'm sure she will be surprised if I make it to the end without procrastinating a little, but here goes. I actually chose an older photo of myself for the first challenge. I like it. It isn't fancy or gorgeous but it has a lot of 'me' in it and I am outside, the place I love best. There you go!


  1. Atta girl! You can do it!! I'll take you out for a nice fancy tea if you make it to the end! Oh and this is the only 'free' one you get, all the rest must be taken on the day! ;).

  2. Okay, Kait. I just couldn't find one I liked better. I'll be good.

  3. Yeah! Lots of fun pics... I look forward to seeing your month.

  4. Hi Anita! Your DIL's venture sounds fun. I will have to go reread each day of it. Your pictures looks pretty...I think outdoor pictures have the best color.

    Yes, bunnies are so docile...they are sweet. Wow...I would love to see just one wild turkey on my patio, let alone 9! A couple decades ago we had 1 turkey vulture in our kids were thrilled. But not wild turkeys near here..too much congestion. Too bad it wasn't close to Thanksgiving!

    I think our realtors here are still playing a game with our high home prices...foreclosures aren't even bargains here! You are right...we don't need majestic homes (plus you and I know that children are more important to welcome, rather then houses) and Jesus has a very poor, humble home!