Wednesday, February 13, 2013

February Fun....

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I plan to bake some cookies and my usual cupcakes with cinnamon hearts. I can't believe it is that time of year already. Some years February seems long and stretches out toward spring but this year it is flying by. The weather has been wonderful, lots of deep snow, days off from homeschooling in which we did a multitude of other stuff some of which seriously resembled school (just don't tell the kids). Several days the sky was that seriously gorgeous blue I love and my houseplants are reaching for every bit of sun they can get.
Early morning candle in the kitchen

Henry the hamster is adjusting nicely to our family

That gorgeous blue sky I love

Hard to keep the feeders stocked....

At the close of every evening you can find me in the kitchen doing dishes and belting out hymns. I love it. This is the view from my sink.


  1. Oh I love that blue sky too!! Glad to see Henry is doing well!!

  2. Happy valentine's Day! I have to admit, snow is refreshingly beautiful, and alot less boring then no snow in the winter! Especially for kids to play in...and it is a nice clean play for moms...except for wiping up the water that melts from their boots, and putting their gloves, etc. on all the heat registers, etc!

    Your JOY decoration is so pretty! I love birds and snow scenes in the winter. Birds are always here to give us hope! (and little hamsters..ha..)

  3. Thanks for your comment on my blog.
    Flevoland is a "polder" in the middle of the Netherlands, 30 minutes from Amsterdam.
    The blue sky is so beautiful, I love it too!

  4. Hi Anita! You are so right about the couponing. My husband rolls his eyes at me when he hears I wanted to try out coupons again, because he knows much of the stuff we wouldn't normally buy, plus gasoline is wasted driving around! But I did buy that paper at Staples, because I actually needed paper. Such a nice blog, your daughter's! I had commented there a short while ago, not even knowing it was your daughter! Regarding blogging, I guess I shouldn't worry about things...sometimes it is best to just not know what is going on around us. I put up the St. Michael prayer to chase that bad sites away! ha.

  5. Ha...I think I did look at both, the other w/out knowing. Eventually I will memorize who is who! I was telling Anne that I was looking at the "content policy" for blogger and was sad they allow bad websites. I decided to start a blog under the same name as my blogger one. I will keep both blogs for now, as I am feeble at figuring out wordpress right now! (wordpress does not allow bad websites).

  6. fyi....I'm finding wordpress not as easy to use as blogger...
    so I probably won't rely on changing to that, although I did open up one.