Sunday, January 20, 2013

To Sell or Not to Sell....

Our house is for sale...nothing new. It has been for sale several times during the last few years and this time it has been on the market over a year. It is clean, in good repair, lots of deal. Last weekend we even had a serious buyer, no word back.

It makes me think. I love(ed) it here. It has been home to us for almost seven years. I have raised these last two boys here for most of their lives. It is where the grandchildren expect to find us. I have watched two of our three married children leave this home. I have watched a boy go off to college. I know the neighbors and they are great....just the kind of neighbors you want, friendly but not in your business, good for a chat, a walk, and all amiable. I have my routes to town and know the timing of them well. I love the woods behind our house, the large lawn, the perennial dominated flower beds. These rooms around me are dear and I have cleaning them down to a science.

There is however, this lurking desire to go somewhere smaller, closer to town. And we can't exactly agree on where....which doesn't matter anyway since the house is not sold.

This morning I was reading a devotional by Elisabeth Elliott. She points out that God will not put us in a position where we have to make decisions that contradict His will in our lives. I believe that.

Family Room


Family room fireplace

Cupboards in kitchen

Dining room

Entrance way

Living room

Girls room

Upstairs bathroom

Boy's room


Main floor bathroom


Our room
So here we are. I believe in a God that knows the future, that holds me in the palm of His hand. So I will continue to love it here as long as we are here...and trust that when it is time to go, I will be ready.


  1. Your house is beautiful! We've been house-hunting (to move) for 3 decades.....but have never moved. It is a very hard decision when you want to do God's will. We would look, and God would close doors, or else we just weren't brave enough, so we would be timid and stay. I do regret the time wasted looking at homes, and I still want to move someday, but perhaps the time has not come for me.

  2. Ha..I just saw your comment (I tend to look at my comments after!). Ok, deal!!

  3. You are a prayer warrior Anita! I think that is what we need more, to fight the scourge of abortion.

  4. hello anita
    your house is beautiful.wish you luck.
    greetings from germany,

    1. Hi Regina. Thankyou. Most days I really love it, but the urge to move still crops up!