Saturday, July 14, 2012

Give Me The Summer....

Give me the summer....
Give me time to plunge deep into the river with my boys,
Give me hours to lay in the sunshine on a sandy beach.

Give me the summer....
Give me long hot car rides on days when the pavement glitters like glass,
Give me tall buildings overhead and museums.

Give me the summer....
Give me picnics and barbecues and reunions with old friends,
Give me family and solitudes.

Give me the summer.....
Give me devotional times out on the front step in the early morning,
Give me delicious grand babies and firefly evenings.

Give me the summer...
Give me long conversations and even longer books to read,
Give me tents and campfires.

Look for me in the fall. When the days grow shorter and the nights are colder,
When the school books come down off the shelf,
And the kitchen smells like stew,
I will blog again.


  1. You have a gift for poetry mom :)

    I do look forward to your continued writings in the fall!

  2. Very nice poem Anita! That about sums up summer here except we don't camp anymore. I love summer if it goes slow and is relaxing! But I do love fall....

    And yes, I agree..DuPont is not doing well over this past decade. Who would think! In Delaware, that company was so large when I moved here 30 years ago! love,andrea

  3. What a nice poem! Hope you have an enjoyable summer!

  4. Hi Anita. Yes, we got some nice rainfalls last week. Still very hot, but it dropped from 100 to 90, so I guess that is good. It is more humid though, and feels hotter.

    I will make soap in a couple of weeks...I'm still a bit afraid!
    I don't know what comes over me to think of doing these things, as I don't think they are cheaper, and we have no skin problems that need more natural ingredients, but maybe it will be good to have the know-how in case it is ever needed. (plus I order Kirk's castile soap here in the USA and it is quite natural, and even with shipping, just about $2/bar).

    But these projects are practical, as vs getting involved in any art/craft projects. Yet, they all cost money to start. I am in between having my kids being young, and no grandchildren as of yet, but after this summer I will start living more frugally and not starting new things. love,andrea

  5. hello anita
    what a wonderful poem!!!!!
    enjoy your summertime!
    greetings from germany,

  6. Hello to you too Regina. And Andrea, frugal fits us all. It is a crazy world for prices. I need to make a strawberry trifle for my mother-in-laws birthday but the price of all the ingredients would feed a small country! Ah well. Have a nice weekend, love Anita.

  7. Hi Anita! Wow...we would love to visit your rabbit! I was hoping our white rabbit would be a larger one, but it isn't. Growing up, I only knew of large rabbits for pets, as a friend had 2.
    Yes, I can imagine you wouldn't want to bath yours! ha. Our older one is getting so geriatric that he can't clean himself well...we feel like we are his caretaker.

    I found out, this past year of starting projects, that the more you start and spend, the more you move on to another. So, I feel it is best to stop, and to look back and be grateful for what I have. It is just rare, right now, that my kids are self-sufficient and don't need help. But, I'm sure that will change as they start their families (hopefully soon they will).

    Yes, I too find that when I find a recipe, the ingredients are expensive. Then I revert back to my old, basic recipes! Tomorrow I might just take some apples out of the freezer and make apple crisp.

  8. Hi! Good luck cleaning your closets. It is nice to have a rainy day, that way you feel content cleaning inside!

    I've only eaten at an I-hop twice in later years, but I seem to remember their pancakes were larger/fluffier 30 years ago! That's what made me feel I cold easily duplicate the taste. I could tell their fruit (I order strawberries with bananas) was just sugared a bit and cooked a bit, and then they must add the bananas at the end to the other fruit, just to heat those through slightly. I could eat pancakes and breads all the time.

    I bet we'd all be really busy if we lived like our foremothers! :)

  9. Hi! My one grandmother used a ringer machine into the 1990's. She felt it cleaned the clothes better and why would she want to do anything else!

    My mom wasn't too handy at things, but my neighbor was, and we thought they were so lucky to have homemade bread and a cold cellar with all their canning goods and dried veggies! (They later told us that they were jealous of our store bread!) But everyone on my street had 1/4 acre gardens. We had good soil in western pennsylvania (not here in Delaware!)

    At least there is this movement to get back to the basics and homemade..that is a wonderful thing! love,andrea

  10. Hi Anita. You are such a wonderful mom to pray for your children. When you are all in heaven, they will realize how much your prayers helped them.

    Since I usually have daily ironing, I say a prayer for each of my children, and I "team up" sort of, each of my parents/grandparents to watch over them as they have already passed away. I try to pray daily for each friend/loved one/neighbor who passed away too. love,andrea

  11. nice post thanks for sharing...i saw your blog on mrs mara ...from the heart simple and plain..looking for to visit more

  12. Hi Anita! Yes, always a worry, our children. I was happy to see my son's email of the video he sent yesterday, and we are still waiting to hear from him, to see if his car was flooded. He must still be on duty. But the important thing is that he was apparently fine, as he did the video. Thank you for your prayers! You are a good example for me to follow. love,andrea

  13. It is raining here a bit, so we are inside all day. Same with tomorrow.. I will miss summer and swimming! Time just goes quicker every year!

    I feel as if fall will soon be here, but the weather is not cooling down yet.

    For some reason my eyes search out sweet recipes! My kids always ate like little birds for the meal, but come desert time, we used to joke that they must have a separate stomach for that didn't get full as easy. I always found sweets and breads were cheaper then eating healthy.(unfortunately!) Come lent, we would give up sweets, and my grocery bill would soar! :)

  14. Farewell Anita! Yes, I am quitting blogging...for the 3rd time. I just want to try living more simple in my mind, without using the computer. Maybe I'm nostalgic for "olden" days when my kids were little. Nonetheless, I enjoyed getting to know you and your wonderful mothering to your family. If I come back, I will be sure to stop in and tell you! love,andrea

  15. Bye, Andrea. I will miss your cheery hello's and kindred spirit. Enjoy your simpler life. I will blog again soon and hope to continue. Pop in if you return. Love, Anita