Tuesday, June 12, 2012

2 Moves and a Wedding

Spring has flown by. The busyness of life has made it go that much quicker! Our children have been on the move. Two of them have changed locations. Our son and his wife and girls have relocated to the country, and our Ottawa child has moved with her husband back to our hometown. Both families are expecting a child. And last weekend, there was a wedding. One more child leaving the nest. Long grown and a big part of our daily routine, he has left a space that will seem empty for a while. But he has married a great gal.

I could post pictures. I could fill this blog with house pix and wedding snapshots and adorable photos of the grandchildren. However, each of our grown children have their own story they are writing, and although I watch and often actively participate, it is their story, not mine anymore. A new chapter, so to speak. I will keep my story more about the activities and daily living of those of us here at home.

Baltimore oriole in the woods beside our house (Photo by Patrick)

Apple blossoms (photo by Patrick)

Dandelion (photo by Patrick)

Stix, our nearly 3 year old tree frog

Our pumpkin plants

We have mysterious frogs around here that are missing yellow pigment, and look blue

Iris in my 'Wild' garden (photo by Patrick)

Buttercups (photo by Patrick)

Rob and Patrick swimming in the river (57 degrees)

My peony..first bloom in six years! (photo by Patrick)
That said, here are some pictures of spring out near our village that I have personally enjoyed.


  1. Congrats! My son had his wedding the past weekend (I will post in a couple of days) so we were doing the same thing! I didn't take alot of pics because I figure they are doing that themselves. And like you said, it is their news. The babies to come must be even more exciting.

    Ha...I like your frogs. We have one missing an eye which has turned up in my garden every once in a blue moon! And I, too, was surprised with a peony on a plant that was transplanted....and I heard they might never bloom after being transplanted. Your pics are very nice....and your kids brave to go in the water. Our ocean water in DE is usually cold...but we consider cold 70 degrees.

    And yes, I agree...our lives will not be our children's...those chapters will be their's now. In a way, it is kindof a relief, and also interesting to see that! love,andrea

  2. :) So as moms we were both experiencing the same bitter-sweet emotions this weekend! I love that God cares about the little details and I could see Him at work this weekend. love, anita

  3. Love to see Patty's photos, he's got a great eye. And I seriously doubt very many tree frogs live 3 years! He's got a sweet deal going. And...that is one of the best swimming spots I have ever enjoyed, thanks for sharing that with me. So I guess, thanks for bringing up so many great memories of my own--your pleasure and curiousity for nature shine through in these pics!

  4. Thanks, Sandra! Hope your life is chugging along, smilingly. Have a great weekend.

  5. Hi Anita. I knew that about hydrangeas (the soil) but it is confusing to me. Once I poured (straight) vinegar on a hydrangea trying to get it blue, and it promptly died..ha! Perhaps I should research this.

    My son was living in his own home (in a different state, but not too far...2 1/2 hr. drive) for several years. So we were used to him being away. (And out of 4 children living on their own, only 1 lives close-by). We are down to 1 living at home (our 17-yr old daughter). It was a big adjustment to not having other children here. It makes a big difference to go down to 1, as a year ago, when we still had 2, it wasn't as lonely. And it is hard on the youngest because it is like they have the hardship of being an only child. So, these temporary adjustments are hard, and they seemed to come upon us so quickly...just "yesterday" I had 6 little children. If I don't get grandchildren soon, it will be harder. (Which makes you wonder, what people do with just one or two children to start....or on the other hand...boy they must have alot of free time from the start!..ha)

  6. Andrea, we have the two boys 13 and 11, but also a rather lonely 25 year old daughter at home. So far all my chicks live within 1/2 hour of us, but the 21 year old will soon be off to school again. But you are right, grandchildren do help. Hope you get some soon! (If you kids read your mom's blog, get with it ;)Blessings, Anita