Sunday, June 5, 2011

Music of The Heart

We are playing again. The older 5 children are grown and busy with lives of their own, but our 'little' guys are ready and willing to entertain whoever they can...and a band of 4 still sounds pretty good.

This guy has been playing since he was 16. That was a few days ago. He also runs his own music school and has an online store at Did I mention, I love him?

Budding musicians...budding? already very accomplished. They sure enjoyed playing for the receptive crowd at a local recreation centre.

And here I am...I enjoy playing the bass, but I enjoy more, the shiny faces of my boys as they do their stuff.

We play a lot of folk music, celtic, old time fiddle, but we always finish with Amazing Grace and the Old Rugged Cross. Those songs always bring tears in the crowd, and put a nice finish to whatever we present, because the best kind of music, afterall, is music from the heart....and that is my heart. To share the beauty of what Christ has done for us by shedding His blood on the cross for our salvation and His glorious resurrection. And Mr. Music Man as the people at the concert called my husband, always puts a few words in their as a finishing touch. (That's the pastor coming out in him.)

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