Saturday, February 19, 2011

Thaw and then the Snow

The back yard. I thought the swirling white snow was beautiful this morning!

Against the treehouse backdrop, it really stood out.

The last two days have been warm. We thought it would be an early spring. The sun was warm and the snow was quickly melting. Our snow man met his demise...and we walked. Several times a day we wound our way through the subdivisions and wandered through the woods. I poked around my flower beds and began planning my gardens.

I awoke this morning to snow. Swirling cold snow. I went out for my morning walk anyway but it was cold and I was glad to come back inside. It is however, pretty, and it adds to the coziness of our Saturday morning pancakes and tea. I know spring is coming and on days like this, I think it can take its time. For now, I will enjoy the winter.

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