Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas is coming......Quickly!

Christmas is hurrying closer. We still have chicken pox in the house so between dabbing calamine lotion and stocking the cookie jar, I have little time for shopping. I am not even half done with Christmas presents. Thank goodness for gift certificates and the kids that enjoy them!

It was easier to buy for all our children when they were small and their interests were less complicated. Back then anything Lego was always welcome. Art supplies met all the other needs, and a stocking full of candy satisfied even the pickiest child.

However, the decorations and the coziness that fill our house at Christmas please everyone. I love being a mother and seeing my family's  enjoyment over the lights, the candles, the decorative touches, the traditions, and of course, the food.

It is my desire to attempt to keep the focus on Christ this time of year, but the other things are good too. Traditions keep our families close. They are what draw our children home when they move away. They bring up the comments, "Where is the stick man of Dad that David made?" "Where is Stephanie's Rocking Horse ornament?" "What year did Jon paint that?" "You made that ornament the year Jenny Rose died." "I never threw away that card because Tim made it." "Let Chrissy hang the candy canes. She always has." "Look! Rob and Patrick added new crafts to the tree." "Remember when Kaitlin came over almost every night to do the 24 crafts of Christmas?" "Next year lets get Olivia and Catherine to put up the Christmas village again." "Will Loris come this year?"

These are the voices I want to hear ringing through our lives at Christmas.  When they are all gathered together, I want the sweet voice of the youngest child who is able to read, to share the story of the precious Christ child who was born long ago in the manger in Bethlehem. He is the reason we celebrate this special time of year;  the reason we know we can have our sins forgiven and someday spend eternity in heaven. All these simple things we enjoy on earth will pale in comparison to the joyful celebration we will have up there.

In the meantime, enjoy some pictures of what make Christmas special around here.

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